Current Exhibition

"The Connections" - Martina Venglorzová

"I started to paint when I was a baby, but I was told that doesn't count.  Then I passed through a period of copying several artists, mainly amazing and romantic impressionists to my own creations.

Painting is for me as a magic. It's same in life, you have endless possibilities and attempts and you never come to the end of the road to be able to say you tried absolutely everything.

Never ending possibilities to create different combinations of colours, shadows, shapes, brush strokes and bring to the painting emotions and stories that everyone reads differently is like to dream a beautiful dream." 

The Storm of Feelings

100x100 cm



The Dawn

25 000 Kč, 1050 euro

Universe 100x100

25 000 Kč, 1050 euro

40x40 cm

245 euro, 6 000 Kč

Wild Rivers