About Michaela

Bc.A Michaela Skuhravá MBA is a painter, designer and stylist who has studied art schools for all her life. She lived in Italy for a long time and currently lives in France. Her strength is the sensory or tactile sense, the imagination and feeling for beauty.

She enjoys playing with colourful composition and combining different styles, so she can often act like a chameleon. Her imagination is great, she enjoys the process of learning new things and analysing new feelings and situations through colours.

Michaela exhibits both in the Czech Republic and in Italy, e.g. in Milan where she won the prize for the best painting of the exhibition, Genoa and Rome, but also in Canary Islands.

Her art was also exhibited in Berlin and at Brussels Art Fair, and is currently displayed in France.

She wants to continue her travel around Europe, because her passion for traveling is as great as for an art, it is also her best inspiration.

  • www.skuhravamichaela.com

  • @art.michaelaskuhrava