It has to be said that art and culture in Prague is a common denominator for many people who live here as well as visitors to this beautiful city.

Whether it is music that resonates with them, the taste of delicious wine, authentic cuisine or the works of talented artists there is something for everyone. 

If art and culture are your daily bread and an endless source of inspiration, or if you're just looking for rest and a pleasant way to spend some time, it's nice to know of a place to go. With a focus on the historical centre, a cultural space was formed in a courtyard at the very heart of Prague. A new project in an old well-known area, this is... The Secret Gallery.

 In addition to classical music concert productions from The Cultural Composition s.r.o., and the operation of the Vine-Caffe refreshments in the courtyard garden, we are inclined to all other cultural projects. 

This eye-catching space thrives on community and creation. Proposals from artists, actors, speakers and musicians are welcomed whether students amateurs, professionals, educators, innovators, motivators,  working together for the fulfillment of the cultural essence.